What’s difference between WordPress.com and WordPress.org?

It is always important to know the difference between WordPress.com and WordPress.org. But most of the newbie are really unknown about these two WordPress versions. In this post, I am going to explain you about WordPress.com and WordPress.org and their benefits and cons. After knowing each of them, you can decide which one to choose from them.

What is Difference Between WordPress.com and WordPress.org

What is WordPress.com?

WordPress.com is one of the most popular platform to create website at free of cost owned by Automattic. It is a software-as-a-service offering. You don’t have to worry about hosting and such. The URL will always end in wordpress.com. For example, mustbeweb.wordpress.com will be the URL if you create a website in WordPress.com. Website under WordPress.com is always free but you can upgrade your free user package to premium to get some of the essential features which you may need for your website.

What is Difference Between WordPress.com and WordPress.org

You don’t have to download the WordPress software or manage a web server. You can instead focus on creating wonderful content, and let WordPress handle the rest!

All you need to do is sign up and choose your blog name, then design your site. There are thousands of thousands free and premium themes available that make easy to create the site in a convenient way.

What is WordPress.Org?

WordPress.org is where you can grab your own copy of the WordPress. WordPress is a Content Management System (CMS) software. This CMS is a software that you can setup on hosting or local PC. This requires PHP and MySQLWordPress is open source and powering more than 26% of the website all over the world. It is one of the most popular content management system right now.

What is Difference Between WordPress.com and WordPress.org

You can download WordPress from WordPress.org and use it on your local computer or install it on server for your website. WordPress.org comes with good documentation and a community forum. It allows you to involve in WordPress. You can contribute to WordPress.org.There are many different ways for you to get involved with WordPress such as WordPress core code, design, mobile apps, translations, accessibility, community, plugins, themes etc.

What’s difference between WordPress.com and WordPress.org?

You may have understood on brief about them and we can find many difference between WordPress.com and WordPress.org. Here i have tried to differentiate them by their benefits and cons:

WordPress.com Benefits

  • Creating website with WordPress.com is relatively easy and everyone can understand it’s user interface.
  • It’s free for and get up-to 3GB space. Although you will get more space by upgrading to premium plan.
  • They take care of your site. They make regular backups of your site and protect your site from hackers.

WordPress.com Cons

  • On WordPress.com’s websites, they place ads on your site. But you are not paid for that. This may be very disappointing thing for you.
  • If you want to remove ads from your website created in WordPress.com, you will have to upgrade to premium users where you will pay certant amoung of money. $99 and $299 per year are two packages you can choose either one.
  • Plugins are the central to WordPress. Plugins can change WordPress website’s functionality but there you can’t use plugin in WordPress.com. Only their VIP program allows you to use plugins. Many top brands use their VIP hosting such as TIME, CNN, Techcrunch etc. But VIP hosting is high cost.
  • You are allowed to use only those themes which are on WordPress theme directory. Unlike self hosted WordPress, you can’t use the premium theme brought from other marketplace such as Themeforest, Mojo Theme etc.
  • You can use Google analytics only at $299/year plan. Otherwise you can’t use Google Analytics tools.
  • Your website will have footer link of WordPress.com like your ‘Site is powered on WordPress.com“.

WordPress.org Benefits.

  • WordPress you get from WordPress.org is free to use and that WordPress is called self hosted WordPress.
  • You have freedom to do anything for your website with WordPress.org’s free WordPress software.
  • You will have your own custom domain name of your website. Example, ‘com
  • You can upload and use premium theme that makes your website professional looks.
  • You can upload and use different type of plugins that you need for your website such as social media sharing, spam comment protection, security plugin, photo slider, search engine optimization etc.
  • You can use your own favorite Analytics tools such as Google, Alexa etc.
  • Websites on Self hosted WordPress are search engine friendly.
  • You can monetize your self hosted WordPress website with Google AdSense, Chitika, Infolink, BuySellAds etc.
  • There is dedicated WordPress forum where thousands of querys are solved.
  • org’s documentation is what everyone likes. Documentation section covers all the important part from WordPress installation to Theme/Plugin development etc.
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WordPress.org Cons

  • Unlike WordPress.com’s free hosting service, With WordPress.org, you have to manage yourself hosting part of your website.
  • If web hosting company has no one click WordPress installation features, you must have some technical knowledge about installing WordPress on server.
  • WordPress websites are targeted by hackers so you must protect your website from hackers.
  • In case your website is hacked, you will need some technical knowledge to restore your website back to normal condition.
  • You will be responsible to update plugins, themes and WordPress.
  • Since server may crash and data may lost, you are the one who has to manage all the backup so that you could bring your website back in normal condition.

Which one to choose: WordPress.com or WordPress.org?

Both WordPress.com and .org have some advantages and disadvantages too. They both have good features that meet your criteria.

The selection of either WordPress.com or self hosted WordPress depends on you. What type of person are you? Similarly what type of website you need? If you don’t know more technical knowledge about WordPress, WordPress.com can be suitable for you to create your own website. because it is simple to understand and easy to use and very common people can create website within an hour in WordPress.com. But be sure you have read all the cons. of WordPress.com.

But if you want to get all the full features of WordPress, self-hosted WordPress seems to be right choice. Although you must possess some technical skill while installing WordPress and during running website. But it is not difficult to learn them. You can easily learn about them because there is good documentation and forum and thousands of thousands tutorials are found on internet which makes you learn WordPress in a short period of time.

For eCommerce website or other user registration website, self hosted website is the one you must choose over WordPress.com.Because Woocommerce plugin makes it easy to set up store on self hosted WordPress. And there are many plugins for user registration which make user registration website easily.

Similarly, if you are blogger and want to make money by blogging, self hosted WordPress must be your ultimate choice. Because you are free to monetize your website to any ads network such as Google AdSense, Chittika etc. Very important factor is website will be search engine friendly and there are many SEO plugins that make it easy to make website content search engine friendly. And no one can place ads on your website in your self hosted WordPress.

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