Create Contact Form Using Formidable Forms in WordPress

Formidable Forms is also good free contact plugin available for WordPress powered blogs and website. It has a very beautiful drag-and-drop interface to create a custom forms. It has the option to choose from a pre-built template or create a form from scratch. So, the interface makes it good for a novice user as well as advanced users. The features available in free version are quite limited but it’s enough for basic contact form.  It offers one form template and seven field types text, email, url, paragraph text, radio, checkbox, and dropdown. It supports reCAPTCHA and Akismet Spam Protection to protect your contact from spams. To unlock all 24 field types, you have to purchase a premium version of the plugin (Formidable Pro) which starts at $34 per site. This offers a total of 29 field types, auto responder notifications, form styling, entry management, etc. using a visual interface. The pro version (starting from Individual license) is really a thing to look at. It has additional add-ons like user registration, PayPal integration, location fields, image importer, and support for email marketing services such as Aweber and MailChimp. The list of add ons available to it is growing. Here, I will show steps to Create Contact Form Using Formidable Forms in WordPress.


  • It has easy drag-and-drop visual interface.
  • It Integrate with the one-click reCAPTCHA and Akismet for protection from SPAM.
  • View form submission from WordPress admin interface.
  • It has option to Import and export forms with XML

In this article we look into how we can setup a basic contact form by using Formidable forms.

Create Contact Form Using Formidable Forms in WordPress

Step 1. Install Formidable Forms Plugin

Create Contact Form Using Formidable Forms in WordPress

Navigate through Dashboard > Plugins > Add New  and in the search box search for Formidabble Forms (See screenshot above).  Click on Install Now button to install the plugin and activate the plugin hence after.

Step 2: Create and Configure Formidable Forms
Create Contact Form Using Formidable Forms in WordPress

Navigate through Forms > Forms(Lite), which will show you a dashboard. It shows the list of forms that has been created. We have not created any form till now, therefore, it would be blank. Click on Add New as in the screenshot above to create our first form.

Create Contact Form Using Formidable Forms in WordPress

You will see a page similar to above screenshot. As we can see, there are tabs like Build, Settings, Entries.  At the center of the page, you can see option to Load Template, which has a prebuilt contact form. You can also use drag-and-drop feature of the plugin to create a contact form from scratch. Here in this tutorial we will load a template. So on the drop-down menu, we select Contact Us and click on Load Template button.

Create Contact Form Using Formidable Forms in WordPress

It will show you a contact form with title Contact Us. The interface lets you edit the newly created form from the template. Here in our form (see screenshot above) we will be only requiring, Name, Email Address, Subject, Message and captcha. Therefore, we will delete Last Name and website from the form. Click on Website field which has been highlighted in the above screenshot. Then click on Trash icon. Similarly, delete the Last Name.

Additional fields can be added to the form by drag and drop 6 fields – Single Line Text, Paragraph, Check-boxes, Radio buttons, reCaptcha, Dropdowns, and Website/URL (See top right part of the screenshot above) to customize your form. Other advanced fields are disabled and are available only on the premium version of the website.

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Edit the title of the form if you require and hit Create button.

Create Contact Form Using Formidable Forms in WordPress

Now you will be redirected to Setting Tab.  In General Settings, keeping default settings will suffice for most users. At the top right of the page (see screenshot above), there would be a shortcode. For this contact form, I have, [formidable id=8]. Copy it to your clipboard and click on Form Actions, you will see the interface as below:

Create Contact Form Using Formidable Forms in WordPress

Click on Email Notification, here in  section we will configure the email address where the contact message to be sent. So, you can edit the To field to change it. By default, it would be WordPress admin email address. If everything is okay, you can click on Update to save your contact form.

Create Contact Form Using Formidable Forms in WordPress

The final part of configuration is configuring our captcha. Navigate through Dashboard > Forms > Global Settings (see screenshot above). Scroll down and find a section for reCaptcha and enter your Site Key and Private key. You can generate the keys for you website from here.  Once done, click on Update Options to save your settings.

Step 3. Creating Contact Page

 Create Contact Form Using Formidable Forms in WordPress

Navigate through Go to Dashboard > Pages > Add New. You will get an editor; give the title to the page as Contact Us or any title you prefer.  Paste the shortcode to the editor .i.e. [formidable id=”8”]  or click on Forms just left to Add Media and select the form you want to insert.

You are not ready to save your form. Click on Publish and click on the Permalink below the title to view your newly contact form.

Create Contact Form Using Formidable Forms in WordPress

If you have configured everything correctly, you will be presented with a contact form as screenshot above.

This is how you install and configure the Formidable Forms. The basic plugin is good for most of the users. If you want to reap up more from the contact form, you can opt for the premium version of the plugin. Formidable Forms is a strong competitor for Gravity Forms. For more information you can visit its official site.

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