How to Enable Coming Soon Page and Maintenance Mode for WordPress Website

If you are developing a site in live server then it can be a bad idea to show the raw version of your developing website to your visitors. It is like serving the uncooked food in restaurant to customers. Under development websites look ugly and lack finishing. There is always a big risk in exposing your subscribers and visitors to your semi developed website. It may leave bad impression to your visitors driving your visitors away. In this article we will show you how to enable the coming soon page and maintenance mode for your website under development.

How to Enable Coming Soon Page and Maintenance Mode for WordPress Website

The easiest way to bring your WordPress in construction mode is with the help of a plugin. There are many plugins available for this task. We will be featuring a plugin called Coming Soon Page & Maintenance Mode by SeedProd. The plugin is fairly popular with more than 300,000 active installs and 5 star average rating. With this plugin you can present your visitors with beautiful landing pages telling that the website is currently under maintenance. Either you are creating any website for the first time or performing maintenance later, this plugin can be useful.

Step#1 Installing the Plugin

To install the plugin, first login to your admin dashboard and then go to Plugins > Add New. Search for keyword ‘Coming Soon Page & Maintenance Mode’. Install the plugin by SeedProd as shown in the image.

Coming Soon Mode and Maintainance Mode

Once the plugin is activated go to Settings > Coming Soon Page & Maintenance Mode to visit the plugins setting page.

Step #2 Adding Contents to your Coming Soon Page and Maintenance Mode

There are four tabs in the settings page of the plugin. The first tab is the content tab. From the general setting box enable the status of plugin to coming soon mode or maintenance mode. If you are confused between coming soon page and maintenance mode then check article on “What’s the difference between Coming Soon and Maintenance Mode.

Now you can start adding the contents that you want to show in the coming soon page and maintenance mode from the same content tab. Start by adding a logo and headline. You can also write a message using text editor. Finally save your settings.

Now you are ready to view coming soon page and maintenance mode of your website. The Coming soon page and maintenance mode are for the visitors and search engines. When you are logged in as admin, you will see the normal website. To view the coming soon page, first logout from admin dashboard and then visit the website. You can also view the page by going to live Preview tab.

Coming Soon Page and Maintenance Mode

At the bottom there are some header configurations which you can set according to your need. You can add a favicon which will be displayed in the browser tab. Similarly you can give the SEO title and SEO description for Search engines to view. You can also insert your Google analytics code and check your websites pageview and visitors information. To know more about Google analytics check our article on “How to Setup Google Analytics on WordPress”.

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Step#3 Designing your Coming Soon Page or Maintenance Mode

The next tab is the design tab. Here are a lot of things that you can do. You can add a background image or give a background color. You can work on various other background configurations like background position, background attachment and background repeat. Similarly you can give the text color and set maximum width size for your page. If you like writing CSS code, you have the freedom to upload your own custom CSS file as well. All the settings are self-explanatory and clear. You can play around with the design to find the perfect look for your pages. Here is what my design looks like.


Here is the list of few more plugins that you can use.

We hope the article was helpful in bringing your WordPress website in coming soon and maintenance mode. You can also read our other article on “5 Best WordPress Plugins for Creating Awesome Landing Pages”.

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