Add Social Sharing Button in WordPress with ShareThis Plugin

ShareThis Plugin is maintained by Vanilla Forums Staff and core team and offers the most innovative sharing platform for today’s social audience. You can share to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and over 80+ top social channels with a user friendly sharing tool. It provides free sharing buttons and tools to drive traffic and increases engagement on your website. Customizing the look and feel for your website by selecting preferred layout and over 80 social channels you can start empowering users to share content and grow your website traffic. In this post, I will show steps to add Social Sharing Button in WordPress with ShareThis Plugin.

Features of ShareThis Plugin
  • Able to share over 80+ social sharing buttons
  • Easy to set up social sharing on your posts and pages
  • Supports for non-WordPress platforms
  • Choose your social web services and easy color configuration
  • Stats for publishers

Add Social Sharing Button in WordPress with ShareThis Plugin

Step 1. Install and Activate Plugin

In the first step, installing “ShareThis Plugin” can be done either by searching for “ShareThis” via “WordPress Dashboard > Plugins > Add New” as shown below.

Add Social Sharing Button in WordPress with ShareThis Plugin

You can also use the following steps for installing the “ShareThis Plugin” in your WordPress dashboard.

  • Download the plugin
  • Upload the ZIP file through WordPress Dashboard > Plugins > Add New > Upload screen in your WordPress dashboard.
  • Activate the plugin through the Plugins menu in WordPress

Once the plugin is installed and activated you will find a new menu named “ShareThis” being added in the left menu bar of the admin menu bar in the Settings tab.

Add Social Sharing Button in WordPress with ShareThis Plugin

Step 2. ShareThis Plugin Settings

After installing the plugin, go to Dashboard > Settings and click on the ShareThis tab. You will see a screen as shown below:

3.Buttons & Options

Buttons and Options

The first page allows selection of the button type you want to use in you website. These buttons are configured over the next 5 pages. You can select from small or large buttons or the ones that displays share counters. We also have Side Bar and Top Bar option at right side. You can add a sidebar or a top bar (but not both).

  • Side Bar

If you select to use the sidebar you will be given two options: left or right. As soon as you select the side bar the options are presented and you can decide between them. Clicking on the sidebar option again will deactivate the side bar.

  • Top Bar

Selecting top bar adds a top bar (and removes the sidebar if you had it selected). In order to get to the configuration options for the top bar you need to click on the “Configure it!” link which appears to the right of the top bar section box.

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Social Services

The second page allows you to select the Social Media’s network. We can easily add and remove the ones we want to. Also we can change the order of list of how the social media will appear from the list of available social services using drag and drop which we can do the same thing with the Social Plugins available in the list.


Sharing Method

The third page is for sharing purpose.The sharing method screen allows you to choose between the multi post and direct post types for your ShareThis green button. I generally recommend the multi post since it allows sharing on multiple networks. Some of the buttons like Twitter may require a bit more information which is chosen by the plugin itself and we provide the required information to it’s corresponding blocks.


Additional Features

The fourth page allows you to select the CopyNShare feature. Selecting “Measure copy and shares of your website’s content will add information to any copied text on your website. Selecting “Measure copy and shares of your website’s URLs” will add a ShareThis hash to the end of any URL. Both of these things are typically annoying to visitors.

Customize widget position allows you to select where to display the sharing buttons. You can have the buttons automatically added to your posts or pages or both. Whether you add them to pages is up to you.

You can also decide for both pages and posts whether you want the buttons to appear at the beginning and/or end of your posts/pages.


Sign In

The fifth page is for sign in. Here you can sign into your ShareThis account which allows for some tracking of your shares. You do not need to have an account to use the plugin.

7.Sign In

Current Configuration

The last page of the ShareThis Plugin configuration will show your final settings. There will be the preview for how your buttons will look as well as a summary of your selected options. Then click on SAVE at the bottom of the screen to save all of your settings.

8.Current Configuration

Step 3. Viewing Social Sharing Buttons

Add Social Sharing Button in WordPress with ShareThis Plugin

Once you have completed configuring the settings, you can open a post to see the sharing buttons. The screenshot above shows what the buttons may look like based on your configuration. In this way you can add Social Sharing Button in WordPress with ShareThis Plugin

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