7 Powerful Ways to Protect Your WordPress Site From Hackers in 2017

WordPress is one of most popular CMS in this technology world. As of 2017, WordPress powers 27% of the websites worldwide. Due to its popularity, many hackers try to creep into the WordPress hosted websites by various means. In fact, the recent research shows that WordPress has become the highest targets of hackers. Contagious malware and attacks can destroy your whole website which in turn results in the destruction of your online business. As a result, your years of backbreaking work will vanish in a thin year in no time. In this article, we will be learning a few tricks on how to protect your WordPress Site from Hackers being hacked.

The primary intent of the hackers to hack the website solely depends upon them. In other words, it depends on persons to persons. Some do it for fun, some do it to measure their spamming skills, while some may be the nemesis/competitors of your business. Before proceeding further, you should keep in mind that the protection of your WordPress site is not as complex as it sounds. However, if you follow the necessary security measures, your site will be protected from being hacked.

7 Powerful Ways Protect Your WordPress Site from Hackers in 2017

1. Update your WordPress Version, Themes, and Plugins

The recent release of WordPress 4.7 version had easily vulnerable access to SQL injection for hackers. Although it was a major release, there was this Content Injection Vulnerability in WordPress 4.7 and 4.7.1. The WordPress security team, however, instantly alerted to all the WordPress users to update to the newer version after discovering such a tragedy loopholes. But the damages were already done. Hundreds and hundreds of thousands of dollars in lost revenue, and, caused irreparable harm to the WordPress business sites.

The WordPress Software, Themes, and Plugins needs to be updated frequently before backing up the database of the website for security purpose. Every new update of Themes, Plugins, or Software comes up with the various fixes including Security itself. Therefore keeping this software up to date is an necessary precaution measure to defend the site from hackers.

protect your wordpress site

2. Do Not Use Easy Username and Passwords

Most of the WordPress site users use a simple username and passwords details thinking it helps them to easily remember in the future use. However, it is a stairway to heaven for the hackers. Weak passwords can be easily guessed which can be easily cracked by brutal force attack by hackers. If the hackers know the username, their 50% task is already completed.

Using strong passwords and unique username makes it hard for hackers to guess. Rather than using default “Admin”, “Admin” username and passwords, try to use a little complex one. For passwords, try to use at least 1 Uppercase letter, 1 special character, and 1 number.

protect your wordpress site

3. Limit Login Attempts

Most of the time, hackers use Brutal Force-Attack Tool to sneak into your WordPress site.

Brutal Force Attack systematically checks all the feasible username and passwords using random generated keyword phrases until the right one is found

Therefore, limiting Login Attempts is one of the great ways to secure your site. There are few freely available plugins on the WordPress repository which lets you limit the failed login attempts. Some of them are Login LockDown, Limit Login Attempts, etc.

These plugins track your IP and limit the number of retry attempts. Moreover, they also inform users about the number of attempts remaining to log in (of course, this is customizable). Finally, it blocks all the IP ranges if the limit bar is crossed which is a good way to prevent from the hack. After certain tries, they are unable to access the login page of the site.

4. Using Security Plugins

There are numerous WordPress Security Plugins, both available premium and free, which helps to protect your WordPress site. Some of the Popular Free Security Plugins you can use are Sucuri Sanner, Wordfence Security, All In One WP Security & Firewall, etc.. These user-friendly plugins fix the third party vulnerabilities which the WordPress itself mostly cannot.

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5. Selecting a secure Hosting Company

Selecting a secure hosting company is another challenging task for WordPress owners. The pricing range of hosting depends upon the speed, type, services, as well as security. WordPress.com is considered to be one of the most secure (if not the most secure) hosting providers for WordPress. Furthermore, WP Engine also provides managed hosting especially for WordPress sites with amazing support, regular backup, and needless to say powerful security. The choice is yours but never select the hosting services that are cheap and slow.

6. Changing Login URL of the Site

The default login page of WordPress site can be done with two methods:
1. /wp-admin and
2. /wp-login.php.

Did you know hackers can guess your username and password using Brutal Force attack only if they can access to your login account? If you change your default login URL to your Custom URL, your site will be in less danger of numerous hacking attempts.

There are few plugins which let you change your login page to your very own custom login URL.Custom Login URL, WPS Hide Login, etc. are some of the recommended plugins you can use to hide the login URL.

7. Regular Backup of Your WordPress Site

Now, this is the most prominent tip needed to be considered. Regardless of following the security measures thoroughly, it is still sensible to back up your site from time to time. There’s a saying “Prevention is better than Cure”. Hackers are always one step forward than the victims. That is why it is always necessary to be safe than sorry.

Even if your website’s being crashed or hacked by the hackers, there’s always a way to revert back to its previous state if you have a full backup of your website. There are few plugins freely available in the WordPress repository which backup your whole site. BackUpWordPress, BackWPup – WordPress Backup PluginWordPress Backup to Dropbox are some recommended free backup plugins

Furthermore, if you do not want to take a single risk backing up your WordPress site, you can always use the reliable VaultPress plugin. This premium plugin provides both securities as well as regular backups of your WordPress site.


Most WordPress sites are prone to security risks. It is all because of the carelessness of the website owners that they do not tend to spend very less time on security procedures.If you want to run your site smoothly, one should be willing to spend both time and money on security as well.

Moreover, there are many tips and tricks to protect your WordPress site from hackers. The above are the basic but yet very reliable and prominent techniques. If you happen to know of any other tips or would like to consider giving suggestions on this topic, feel free to share your thoughts on the comment form below.

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